DaZol Games - DaZol Games specializes in classic and collectible boardgames, Mego Micronauts, Takara Microman, toys, books, computer games, and video games. Used and out-of-print games featuring 3M, Avalon Hill, TSR, Steve Jackson, Milton Bradley, Parker Bros, Cardinal, Pressman, Victory, Games Workshop, Mayfair, Paladium, and others.

Zylmex - Zylmex.com is a fan tribute site to the Zee Toys / Zylmex collectibles of the 1970's, 1980's and 1990's. While typically viewed as discount toys at the time, the Zee Toy line produced some of the most original and best quality toys of the period. The site features full page graphics of various retailer catalogs covering several years of production.

Mr Waterloo's Hand Painted Figures shop - All military figures in this shop are hand painted by René Betgem from the Netherlands. The hand painted collectable figures are mainly from the Napoleonic era (Napoleon Bonaparte) and include all kinds of soldiers, cavalry and artillery in particular those who had a role in the battle of Waterloo.
www.miniaturewaterloo.com - Napoleons final battle against his opponents Wellington and Blucher took place on Sunday june the 18th, 1815. René Betgem made this battle his hobby. More than 2000 soldiers scale 1:72, hand painted in the smallest details. His battlefield is concentrated around the farm La Haye Sainte.

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